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Are you as Healthy as you Think you are?

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Are you as Healthy as you Think you are?


We often find ourselves deep in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and before we know it we’ve forgotten about taking care of our health. One of the questions I ask myself a lot is “am I really doing as well as I think I am?” According to what I’ve read and how I feel I’m not doing too bad; however, Wonder Woman has definitely got the boot on me and I could certainly do with a change of spark plugs from time to time.

When it comes to our wellbeing, how we feel is not the prophecy to good health. Many underlying conditions and chronic illnesses like heart disease, some forms of cancers, and autoimmune diseases created when your own immune system attacks your body (like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease), can go un-noticed for years.

So, if you’re anything like me and find the odd check list interesting, the following EarthSource health check may curb your curiosity and help you to measure just how healthy you are.

Our 7-Point Heath Check for Optimal Health

  1. Personality Traits

According to some interesting research [1] that we uncovered, personality traits can have a lot to do with people who experience a long and happy life. Do you possess the following traits? 

  • Conscientiousness: diligence, care, thoughtfulness, reliability, precision
  • Openness: honesty, sincerity
  • Emotional stability: no dramatic ups and downs
  • Friendliness: sociability, kindness, approachability, openness
  • Emotional expression: empathy, smiling, crying, laughing, facial expressions
  • Energy and stamina: vitality, endurance, vigour, staying power

According to our research, these traits suggest you will live a longer and happier life than people without them.  Yoga anyone?

  1. Methylation

Methylation is the evolving of life which starts the moment we are formed as embryos. From around 20 years of age, external stressors start to impact our body’s development and initiate the de-methylation process; the breakdown of life. Genetics and lifestyle choices, including diet, impact the speed of this process. Signs can include energy loss, organ malfunctioning, muscular breakdown, cognitive decline, and poor cellular activity. Support of methylation is important for optimal health. Did we mention that Oceans Alive™ Raw Marine Phytoplankton has proven benefits that boost methylation?

  1. Get the Cranks on Between Meals?

If you are feeling a little shaky or irritable between meals, your blood sugar levels may be un-stable and it could be time to get that checked out by a medical professional.  If it turns out that’s fine, maybe it’s time to take a holiday.

  1. Do you Have a Health Food Love Affair?

Eating well should be an enjoyable responsibility, not a liability. If you’ve learnt to embrace this and you look forward to a bowl of green leafy vegetables, then chances are you are you already have plenty of nutritional recipes and tasty health foods packed into your pantry. Nourishing your body from the inside is vital for optimal health. With the spotlight firmly locked on gut health at the moment, and half of all Australians expected to complain of digestive problems in the next 12 months [2] it is clear a healthy diet really is a necessity rather than a choice. Our coriander cold pressed oil includes nutrients that support and cleanse your gut and fights fungus both inside and out.

  1. Sex Drive

If your libido is lacking real motivation, it could be down to your heath, not just the fact you are getting older, or running two jobs and are as weary as a tyre that has travelled 5,000km in a day. When your system is busy fighting just to get through each day, there is little left to drive energy and libido. 

  1. Clear Skin and Healthy Hair

A fresh face complexion and healthy shiny hair is a good sign that your body is feeling vibrant. As your body’s largest organ, you will often exude toxins and waste materials via the skin. Breakouts, eczema and rashes, are all tell-tale signs that something is not working at its premium and again could be related to your gut health.

  1. No Brain Fog and You Manage a Good Night’s Sleep

As your body recuperates from the day’s activities while you sleep, eight to ten hours of good-quality sleep is necessary for optimal health. This will help to maintain a clear, healthy mind too. Brain fog, haziness, and removed mental wit, is often a sign that you need to take care of your brain cells. Consider how you can improve your sleep quality and re-engage your mental clarity. 

Many of our customers say that Marine Phytoplankton has vastly improved their ‘brain fog’ and assisted with their brain function and clarity.  How? Because this marine superfood contains the full spectrum of nutrients that your body needs, and can fill in many of the gaps in your nutritional profile and restore optimal health. Check these out more in depth on our benefits pages or shop now.


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  2. A Healthy Gut “Key” to preventing disease

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