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Are you Ready for a Health Super-Boost!

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Are you Ready for a Health Super-Boost!

If you’re like many people, you think if you eat well, drink six to eight glasses of water a day, get a good night’s sleep – that’s enough to keep healthy – right?  Well done if you do all that! But while it’s a good basis, there’s so much more you can do – and your body will thank you for it.

Think about it. Why have ordinary when you can have brilliant? Why have just good health when you can have SUPER health? It’s time you gave your health a Super-Boost with Oceans Alive Liquid Marine Phytoplankton.

You’ll feel the difference fast, too. This product is jam-packed with health goodies! Vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. If you ask anyone about amino acids, they’ll mention building blocks. But their use goes way beyond that. They’re essential for almost every function in the body.

The Difference

You’ll notice increased energy. Your mind will become as sharp as a tack. Mood swings will be history. You’ll be calm amid crises. And on the inside, it helps your heart, promotes a healthier liver – great news after celebratory imbibing -  is great for eye health, and helps joint pain and inflammation.  And let’s not forget that it can reduce signs of ageing, because it helps to reduce oxidative stress.

On the Inside

You might have to pinch yourself right now, just thinking about all those benefits in one small bottle!  But wait, there’s more… There’s an army of little helpers called phytochemicals that look after your cells. They protect them. They remove toxins from your bloodstream. They sweep toxins away from cells – and they even help to reverse abnormal cell division.  This one is huge!

And the product gets to work fast, because it’s absorbed DIRECTLY into your bloodstream. So you get an instant Super-Boost!

Wow.  Take time to absorb this information. Although you can’t see what’s going on inside your body, you’ll certainly feel the benefits.  Think of your body as a lovely house that you see from the street. It’s attractive, good looking and well maintained. But inside, it could be a different story. Dust everywhere. Grimy floors. Dirty sink. Kitchen benches covered with marks and food scraps. And as for the bathrooms – let’s not even go there!

But once you boost your wellness journey with Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton, your body – that house – will be spick and span from one end to the other, as if it’s had a whirlwind cleaning team on the job.

Pristine and Powerful

Oceans Alive cultivates this product in pristine conditions, with absolutely no contamination, dilution or drying. Don’t confuse Marine Phytoplankton with seaweed or blue-green algae.  Oceans Alive Liquid Marine Phytoplankton contains over 200 living nutrients that your body absorbs like a sponge. NASA tells us that Marine Phytoplankton is even responsible for producing 90% of the oxygen on earth – oxygen that keeps us all alive! 

How to Use this Miracle Super Food

Our Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton is a concentrated liquid with a seaweed taste. Put drops directly under your tongue, mix it with water or a juice of choice. Some people just add it to their morning smoothies. It’s up to you!  The ideal amount to take each day is 12 to 15 drops, but for starters, just take a couple and gradually build up. This will never be a boring chore, either. Your body will remind you because it can’t wait for its daily boost!

Tell Us

So many people have been amazed at the difference they feel after taking this product.  We know first-hand, too, because we won’t go a day without it.

So let us know about your personal experience.  Knowing that our products are making such a huge health difference to so many people is our constant inspiration.


Author Di Clements

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