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Clean and Clear: Black Cumin for Acne

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Clean and Clear: Black Cumin for Acne

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Acne affects people young and old. It doesn’t matter what race, gender or age you are.

Acne is a disease. Remember that word “disease”, because that’s what it is—not an occasional issue that comes and goes and can be managed easily.  It is persistent and aggravating to people who have it and it often takes a lot of effort to get it under control.

If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle with skin issues, you already know how it feels to work tirelessly to get your skin clear. To go through life never getting to show the world the beautiful skin that lies underneath. Losing your confidence moment by moment. It’s exhausting.

If you’ve tried everything out there and none of it has worked, keep reading. Black cumin seed oil might be the solution to fixing your bad skin. Before we get to that, however, let’s talk about one of the biggest myths about skin.

Myth: Acne is caused by eating greasy food

There’s a popular misconception that acne is caused by eating oily or greasy foods, by being dirty or by wearing too much makeup. The truth is that eating oily foods doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to acne.

Eating carbs and chocolate, however, has been shown to increase the occurrence of acne in many people. Diet has an effect on the skin, but not the effect that we often assume.

If your diet is affecting your skin, it’s most likely due to a sensitivity or intolerance. Try an elimination diet to identify the culprit and then cut it out.

Acne also isn’t created by having dirty skin. In fact, acne isn’t caused by dirt at all. It also isn’t caused by wearing too much makeup. Most of today’s makeup is oil-free, hypoallergenic and even designed to fight skin problems.

These common misconceptions often end up leading people to ineffective acne treatments, because they aren’t attacking the real root of the problem. If you don’t know the root of the problem, you can’t really expect to know how to combat it.

If you don’t know the root of the problem, you can’t really expect to know how to combat it. Black cumin seed oil gets to the root of your acne fast.

Let’s clear things up: what is acne?

Acne isn’t just a skin-deep problem. It’s been documented that people with acne struggle more with depression than people without it. Acne strips people of their confidence and makes them feel like no one can see the real them. Simply put, having acne, whether it’s mild, severe or somewhere in between, is no walk in the park.  

There are four main factors behind acne:

  1. oil (or sebum)
  2. dead skin cells
  3. bacteria
  4. clogged pores

Acne is caused by an abundance of oil and dead skin cells clumping together in your pores. Pores are also hair follicles, so a person with acne basically has oil and skin cells stuck in their hair follicles. That clogged pore/hair follicle is the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive in.

This is where black cumin oil enters the picture.

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Black cumin oil: two thousand years of skin care

Ever hear of Queen Cleopatra? She used black cumin on both her hair and on her skin. Her famed beauty is one reason why people are still fascinated with her (and her beauty regimen) to this day.

The philosophers Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder both studied black cumin (nigella sativa) and believed that its seeds treated all manner of skin disorders, from allergic reactions to snake bites and other skin maladies.  

Most importantly, black cumin seed oil has been found to fight the bacteria that makes acne so persistent. Though it contains essential fatty acids that have been known to cause some acne sufferers to break out, its antibacterial properties tend to balance out any negative effect that the oil might have on the skin.

Why is black cumin seed oil so good for acne?

Black cumin seeds contain over 100 chemical compounds, many of which have a direct, positive effect on the skin. For example, thymoquinone (TQ) is an active ingredient in black cumin seeds. TQ is anti-inflammatory. What this means is that inflamed acne bumps, whether they are painful or not, can be treated by rubbing black cumin seed oil on them.

Black cumin is high in zinc, which fights infections and clears acne.

The research shows…

Black cumin is also a potent antibacterial agent. A research paper published in 2008 showed that black cumin seed oil was nearly as effective at fighting bacteria as many prescription antibiotics.

In the experiment, varying strengths of black cumin oil were tested against different types of bacteria. For the control, researchers also tested the effectiveness of a number of popular antibiotics to see how well they worked against the same bacteria.

What they found was nothing short of incredible. Out of 144 strains of bacteria, the researchers found that 97 of them were stopped in their tracks by black cumin seed oil. Black cumin was found to be even more effective than the antibiotics for treating certain types of bacteria.   

This is the thing that acne sufferers need to know; some of the antibiotics tested, like erythromycin, are regularly used to treat acne.

While more study is needed, this research is still incredibly helpful in understanding why black cumin seed oil can be effective in fighting bacteria that is normally resistant to medication and treatment. This could be particularly helpful for treating acne that resists antibiotics.

If you’re going to put it on your skin, make sure it’s the Best.

Black cumin seed oil is great. The oil perfectly captures everything good about black cumin seeds. You can drink it to get the full health benefits (including those for your skin). You can blend it into your favorite lotion or body oil. Or you can use it on your skin straight just after a shower!

If you’re looking for something natural to help you deal with your acne challenges, you will be hard-pressed to find anything better than black cumin oil.

Just make sure that you’re putting the highest quality oil on your skin.

It’s important that you find black cumin seed oil that is specifically extracted from nigella sativa, pure black cumin seeds, that are both organic and GMO-free.

You should always get pure-pressed oil that is completely free of additives like Perfect Press Black Cumin Seed Oil and it should be stored in a light-protective and air-sealed Miron bottle.

Most importantly, stay away from brands that extract their oils using heat. This damages the nutrients in the seed. Seed oils should be cold-pressed, meaning no heat is used to extract the oil. Even cold pressing involves friction that can damage the delicate nutrients, though.

Only Activation Products Perfect Press Technology completely maintains the integrity of the black cumin seed’s nutritional components. To learn more about the benefits of Perfect Press organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, visit the link below.

Say goodbye to acne-prone skin!

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