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Live a Life of Ease

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Live a Life of Ease

Did you know that magnesium is used by every cell in your body? And that your brain and your heart require high concentrations of magnesium? Let’s not forget bones, teeth and hormones, either. If your cells don’t get enough magnesium, they curl up their toes and die. And if enough cells die, you could be at risk of experiencing one or more of a staggering number of 50 health conditions, such as loss of appetite or nausea and vomiting.

And let’s not forget fatigue and weakness – not what you want to happen when you and your partner are in the final of a big Latin dance competition, or you have to give a major presentation to a client and be on the ball mentally afterwards to answer some tricky questions.

Your body loves Ease

But what’s that got to do with living a life of ease, you might be thinking. It has everything to do with it!  Ease is a magnesium spray that hops into your bloodstream – through your skin – in just 90 seconds!  You get a body boost of 25 mg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate with each spray.

The Linus Pauling Institute recommends a daily intake of magnesium of 400 to 420 gm for men and 310 to 320 gm for women. So you’d get your daily intake with just 17 sprays if you are a man, and 13 sprays if you are a woman. And the best thing is that you don’t have to swallow tablets or capsules. You just spray Ease on your body.

What Ease can do for you

For starters, it Eases your aches and pains. It improves your sleep – now that’s a miracle in itself! It helps you feel calm and relaxed, so the saying Keep Calm and Carry On could have been written just for you. And if you use Ease regularly, it restores your depleted magnesium levels and promotes the absorption of calcium.

The feeling of Ease

Ease feels light and fresh on your skin. It’s not sticky. It doesn’t sting or burn or itch. And it doesn’t leave any residue, so your skin will feel as it always does.

We recommend that you use 30-40 sprays of Ease on your wrists, the tops of your feet, your underarms, the backs of your knees and your hips.  Ease is best absorbed after a shower or bath. Don’t ingest Ease. It’s for topical use only.

Ease soothes your body from top to toe. Your muscles and joints will be overjoyed with their daily dose of Ease and they’ll soak it up, so your aches, pains and tensions just melt away. And you’ll sleep like a baby.

So just think of these benefits. Do wish you could say goodbye to aches and pains - forever? Would you like to let tension and stress effortlessly leave your body? What would a blissful sleep every night mean to you?  And if these results were almost instant, how good would you feel?

Let Ease into your life and your body – and live your life with Ease.

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