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The Problem with Multivitamins - By Ian Clark

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The Problem with Multivitamins - By Ian Clark

You emailed me asking, “Is Oceans Alive a multivitamin?”

The truth is, it’s not.

It’s better than a multivitamin.

Most multivitamins are synthetic.

Pills and powders.

Your stomach doesn’t even absorb them.

Your toilet does.

Oceans Alive actually gets absorbed by your system.

It’s made from a tiny ocean plant that I discovered when I was on death's doorstep.

Its powerful cocktail of natural vitamins, ocean minerals and essential amino acids saved my life.  I answer this question in more detail and speak about the problem with most multivitamins in the article below...

Is Oceans Alive a Multivitamin?

The best vitamins come from the ground. They’re grown in a garden, plucked by hand and served on your plate fresh. Proper nutrition starts with nature.

It always surprises me how many companies selling vitamins in the form of pills and powders forget that simple fact. If you want something to be nutritious, it’s gotta be fresh and it’s got to be natural.

Dr. Grouper of agrees: “The problem is that many vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured synthetically with chemicals and do not come straight from their natural sources. They are made to mimic the way natural vitamins act in our bodies. Natural vitamins are derived directly from plant material containing the vitamin, not produced in a test tube.”

The only reason people take multivitamins is to get the full spectrum of natural nutrients that might be missing from the food they eat.

The problem is that most vitamins are synthetically made, conjured up in labs, processed into powders in factories and given to you in the form of a pill. The furthest thing from natural.


Shelf life.

The few multivitamins that are made from whole foods have a very limited shelf life. They often end up rotten before people can even consume them.

That’s what is so special about Oceans Alive…  

Oceans Alive is not just a powerful multivitamin, it’s harvested fresh and stabilized instantaneously so that it stays as it was the moment it was harvested up to the moment you consume it.

It stays fresh for years and it contains nothing but raw, unprocessed marine phytoplankton in a pure sea mineral solution — as clean and natural as anything you could pull out of the ground.

We didn’t add vitamins to Oceans Alive. We found a plant (marine phytoplankton) that already contained hundreds of vitamins and minerals and bottled it. That was it.

I believe that if you go back to nature and let the vitamins come as they are created, in their perfect blend, that’s how your body is going to get the most value.

If you know my story…

You know that my health was in turmoil before I decided to clean up my body with proper nutrition. Marine phytoplankton played a major role in me being able to recover naturally.

This tiny ocean plant had the broadest spectrum of essential nutrients that I’d ever seen. It was taking this type of raw, clean microalgae that helped my health start to exponentially improve.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, Oceans Alive has got you covered. The marine phytoplankton that helped save my life is the same phytoplankton found in every bottle of Oceans Alive.

Multivitamins are great but…

I recommend you be very careful with what you consume when it comes to multivitamins. When you take a synthetic vitamin pill, your body may not absorb what’s in it. explains: “when you eat real food, you’re not consuming single nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins, minerals, co-factors and enzymes that allow for optimal use by the body. Without these additional compounds, synthetic nutrients are unlikely to be used by the body in the same way as their natural counterparts.”

Often when you take vitamins in pill form your stomach can’t grab all of the nutrients quickly enough. What you end up with is a very expensive trip to the bathroom. If you’re going to take a multivitamin you want it to be a natural, concentrated source of vitamins.

Marine phytoplankton wasn’t created by man, it comes from the ocean and it’s been feeding the entire ocean for a very long time. It’s a natural, functional, foundational food.

When you take Oceans Alive, your body knows exactly what to do with those nutrients and where to send them, so that it can replenish the areas where you are deficient.  


Is Oceans Alive a multivitamin?


Oceans Alive does replace multivitamins. It doesn’t replace absolutely everything, but it contains an incredible number of vitamins and minerals that your body is lacking. It’s going to give your system a total boost and your body is going to thank you in a big way for it. 

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