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Why are we still not drinking enough water?

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Why are we still not drinking enough water?

Drink More Water - Commit To Your Health! 

We’ve been told to do it more times than the Bachelor gives out roses. We make mini-resolutions that today is the day we will commit! When so many theories about health and diet are being questioned and re-visited it’s the constant advice that never changes. It’s so simple to do and best of all it’s free! So why do so many of us still fall short when it comes to our daily water intake? 

For me, I find it harder to drink enough water every day now that I am not working in an office, where the ritual of going to the filter to fill up my fancy eco-friendly bottle was an enjoyable one, usually coinciding with a quick chat with a colleague and a chance to clear my head before tackling a tricky email. Now I am a mum to a little one and I work from home. It’s enough if I get to spend 5 minutes to myself let alone focussing on my daily 8 glasses of water count. But lately I’ve felt a bit off.  My stomach just wasn’t right and my head was a bit sore most days when usually I would be feeling great.  What was wrong?

Water - Simple Solution to My Stomach Problem 

But as soon as I stopped to consider my ailment I knew it immediately. I had managed to have 2 coffees and a freshly squeezed veggie juice, but it was 2pm in the afternoon and I was yet to drink any water. Tutt tutt tutt.

The tried and true ‘look after yourself before you can look after others’ rings in my ears. So I’ve now re-committed to always taking a drink bottle in the car which is where I get my thirstiest, and a glass of water before every coffee and after every time I eat. So far so good. 

Often when we hear things so many time they lose their impact, but it doesn’t make them less important. Sometimes we just need a timely reminder, so here’s yours along with a few tips to worry you just enough to put down the coffee and pick up a freshly poured glass of H2O.

7 Signs That You Are Not Getting Enough Water

In order to function properly, our bodies rely on the goodness of humble H20. We exert water every time we breathe, sweat or use the amenities. Up to 3 litres of it per day in fact! That's why, to keep up our water stockpile, experts tell us to drink, drink, drink your way through 8 glasses on the daily basis.

For a lot of people, drinking this daily quota of water often seems easier said than done. So, how do you know if you are really falling short on your recommended dose and that it's time to up the water-anti?

I've put together a few tell-tale signs you should be on the look-out for.

  1. Dark-Coloured Urine

Generally, your urine should be a light-yellow colour. If you have skimmed over the odd glass of water or two, one of the first signs of needing to rehydrate yourself is a darker colour lingering at the depths of the toilet bowl.

Your kidneys are forced to go into overdrive if you don’t consume enough water. Your urine reaches that darker colour due to a higher concentration of waste products that are released, such as dead blood cells, protein, and toxins. However, darker coloured urine can also result from taking certain medications or eating specific foods such as asparagus or beets. If you’ve not eaten anything out of the ordinary and your urine remains dark in colour, it could be due to something more sinister, like gallstones. If this is the case, it could be worth seeking some medical advice. 

  1. Constipation

Finding it a little difficult to get things into motion? It could be a lack of water. Dehydration is the most common cause of constipation. Your body will attempt to recover water from wherever else it can, including your colon, if you are not providing it with sufficient supply. Water stock is important in the large intestine as it is essential for easy-to-pass stools. A lack of water in your body may, therefore, result in difficult number twos.

Increasing your fiber consumption and drinking more water could help to relieve you of this discomfort if you are noticing motions that are hard to pass. 

  1. Reduced Urine Output

On average, people urinate six to seven times each day. If you are not feeling the urge to go and your output is substantially less, then you should consider increasing your water intake.

  1. Thirsty or Dry Mouth

Pretty straightforward really. A very good sign that your body is craving more water. So for the love of Jon Snow, give it some already.

  1. Headaches

Your brain tissue could be at an increased risk from a low consumption of water. When you don’t drink enough water, your body tries to absorb water from its tissues as compensation. This can result in your brain tissue shrinking and pulling away from your skull (ouch), which will shoot pain signals, otherwise resulting in a headache (common after a few too many drinks the night before, apply the ratio of 1:1 alcohol to water to avoid this!)

  1. Feeling Hungry

Although complex and amazing, your body did not go to training school to learn the difference between hunger and thirst. The part of your brain responsible for regulating hunger, at times gets a little mixed up which causes an onset of hunger pangs. If you are keeping a close watch on your weight, in particular, try sipping back a glass of water instead of reaching for a quick-fix snack. If you feel hungry within a short timeframe after, then you’ll know it is the food your body is really craving.

  1. Dry Skin and Wrinkles

A dehydrated body can lead to the irritated, itchy and sensitive skin. When your skin loses moisture, your cells also shrink which can promote an onset of wrinkles too. By simply increasing your water intake, you could save yourself countless dollars on miracles that won’t even get a chance to work if you are not drinking the right amount of H20.

Speaking of beauty regimes, did you see our recent blog on the most powerful natural skincare known to man? Check it out online here.

So, if you want to stay healthy, keep up your vitality, have good skin, and keep your motions regular, nature’s pure medicine is a grounding place to start.  

Keep Your Water Bottle Handy!

Keep a check on your water intake and, like a lot of people, if topping up your glass is something you’ll get around to (but never do), perhaps you could invest in a new eco-friendly water bottle to help with your cause. 

We love the ones at which not only look great and are eco-friendly, but part of the profits go towards some of our favourite causes.

Water is a great mix to have with our EarthSource Marine Phytoplankton. Get hydrated with some H20 and enjoy an added boost of nutrition from nature’s ultimate superfood. Two birds with the one stone, as the saying goes.

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