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Green up your home with a statement plant

Green up your home with a statement plant
If you’ve never considered putting a statement plant or two in your home, maybe it’s time for a change. A living plant not only provides a splash of healthy greenery, but it works hard in your home. Inspire? Read on... Continue reading

When you absolutely have to soldier on

When you absolutely have to soldier on
We’ve all been there. Someone comes to work, coughing and sneezing, spreading germs far and wide. And with not a care in the world about who they infect along the way.  So what's your first line of defense? Find out in this article... Continue reading

5 Simple Ways to Stop Stress in its Tracks

5 Simple Ways to Stop Stress in its Tracks
When you are constantly stressed, the effects of cortisol become negative, so you experience the reverse of its helpful effects. Stress increases inflammation, reduces white cells and worsens your memory.  Combat stress with these 5 simple steps... Continue reading

Live a Life of Ease

Live a Life of Ease
Did you know that magnesium is used by every cell in your body? And that your brain and your heart require high concentrations of magnesium? If your cells don’t get enough magnesium, they curl up their toes and die. And if enough cells die, you could be at risk of experiencing one or more of a staggering number of 50 health conditions, such as loss of appetite or nausea and vomiting. Continue reading

Are you Ready for a Health Super-Boost!

Are you Ready for a Health Super-Boost!

If you’re like many people, you think if you eat well, drink six to eight glasses of water a day, get a good night’s sleep – that’s enough to keep healthy – right?  Well done if you do all that! But while it’s a good basis, there’s so much more you can do – and your body will thank you for it.

Think about it. Why have ordinary when you can have brilliant? Why have just good health when you can have SUPER health? It’s time you gave your health a Super-Boost with Oceans Alive Liquid Marine Phytoplankton.

You’ll feel the difference fast, too. This product is jam-packed with health goodies! Vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. If you ask anyone about amino acids, they’ll mention building blocks. But their use goes way beyond that. They’re essential for almost every function in the body.

The Difference

You’ll notice increased energy. Your mind will become as sharp as a tack. Mood swings will be history. You’ll be calm amid crises. And on the inside, it helps your heart, promotes a healthier liver – great news after celebratory imbibing -  is great for eye health, and helps joint pain and inflammation.  And let’s not forget that it can reduce signs of ageing, because it helps to reduce oxidative stress.

On the Inside

You might have to pinch yourself right now, just thinking about all those benefits in one small bottle!  But wait, there’s more… There’s an army of little helpers called phytochemicals that look after your cells. They protect them. They remove toxins from your bloodstream. They sweep toxins away from cells – and they even help to reverse abnormal cell division.  This one is huge!

And the product gets to work fast, because it’s absorbed DIRECTLY into your bloodstream. So you get an instant Super-Boost!

Wow.  Take time to absorb this information. Although you can’t see what’s going on inside your body, you’ll certainly feel the benefits.  Think of your body as a lovely house that you see from the street. It’s attractive, good looking and well maintained. But inside, it could be a different story. Dust everywhere. Grimy floors. Dirty sink. Kitchen benches covered with marks and food scraps. And as for the bathrooms – let’s not even go there!

But once you boost your wellness journey with Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton, your body – that house – will be spick and span from one end to the other, as if it’s had a whirlwind cleaning team on the job.

Pristine and Powerful

Oceans Alive cultivates this product in pristine conditions, with absolutely no contamination, dilution or drying. Don’t confuse Marine Phytoplankton with seaweed or blue-green algae.  Oceans Alive Liquid Marine Phytoplankton contains over 200 living nutrients that your body absorbs like a sponge. NASA tells us that Marine Phytoplankton is even responsible for producing 90% of the oxygen on earth – oxygen that keeps us all alive! 

How to Use this Miracle Super Food

Our Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton is a concentrated liquid with a seaweed taste. Put drops directly under your tongue, mix it with water or a juice of choice. Some people just add it to their morning smoothies. It’s up to you!  The ideal amount to take each day is 12 to 15 drops, but for starters, just take a couple and gradually build up. This will never be a boring chore, either. Your body will remind you because it can’t wait for its daily boost!

Tell Us

So many people have been amazed at the difference they feel after taking this product.  We know first-hand, too, because we won’t go a day without it.

So let us know about your personal experience.  Knowing that our products are making such a huge health difference to so many people is our constant inspiration.


Author Di Clements

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Activate Your Weight Loss with Black Cumin Oil

Activate Your Weight Loss with Black Cumin Oil

Activate Your Weight Loss 

Article written by Ian Clark, Founder, Activation Products

Increase Your Chances of Losing Weight by 4X with One of Nature's Only Superfoods Proven to Burn Fat.

It's been...

  •  Confirmed by two double blind studies
  •  Celebrated by cultures around the world for over 5,000 years
  •  Used as a beauty treatment by the ancient Queen of beauty herself

My name is Ian Clark. 
For the past decade I’ve been helping people live healthier and better lives through what I like to call ‘foundational’ nutrients. I help people identify what’s missing from their diets, I show them the secret superfoods in Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet that can help them achieve their goals and I tell them where they can get what they need. I do this because I know what it’s like. I haven’t always been healthy and I know how it feels to struggle every day searching for a way back to the ‘You’ that you remember.

Not too long ago I was overweight, sick and depressed. I was fighting 12 different serious health issues and my future looked like garbage. I was only 46 and my body was already unravelling on me.

This is what I looked like…

Ian Clark

But when I looked in the mirror I saw something much worse — an early grave.

I didn’t see myself anymore. I felt trapped and wished I could just shed my skin. I prayed for the day I would wake up in the body I remembered. The one hiding under all that extra fat.

Then, finally, thanks to a nutrition tweaks it finally happened…

I Lost 80 lbs and I’ve Kept it Off for Over a Decade…

Don’t get me wrong — it didn’t happen overnight. That’s the thing about weight loss, it never does. You don’t gain 80 lbs overnight and you won’t lose it overnight either.

It takes time.

But luckily for me (and you) there are a few ways to speed it up.

After years of research and trial and error, I’ve realized that the key to losing weight and boosting your metabolism is hidden in this question…

What’s Missing from Your Diet?

When I finally answered that question, everything just started moving in the right direction.

Suddenly the Fat was Falling Off.

There were missing links in my nutrition and when I started feeding my body what it was really craving, my whole body health improved. My digestion, my liver, my cognitive function — everything. My skin started looking better and better, I had more energy and, most importantly to you, my metabolism finally began burning all the dead, unhealthy fat that was surrounding my heart and gut.

In layman's terms, I realized…

Your Body is a Machine and it Burns Fuel More Efficiently When You Give it the Right Oil.

This is what I eventually looked like after I put this knowledge into action:

Ian Clark after


Since losing all that weight, my fascination for what makes different parts of the human body work better has only grown. 

Especially when it comes to boosting your metabolism and shedding dead body fat.

I’ve tried a lot of superfoods over the past 10 years, documenting how they positively impact the way my body looks and feels.

Below, my research team and I have compiled a list of 3 superfoods that are known to not only help your metabolism burn fat more aggressively but also fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet so your whole body can finally work the way it is supposed to — efficiently.

If you’re trying to shed some unhealthy fat, these foods are going to speed things up for you.

I Lost a lot of Weight and it’s All Thanks to Superfoods and Super Nutrients

I may have been overweight but nutritionally, I was starving. Eating foods, like the one you’re about to see, helped me fill the nutritional gaps in my diet so my metabolism could finally go to work.

I didn’t bust my butt at the gym.I didn’t take some magic pill.

I mixed foundational superfoods with a balanced diet and some light activity and I woke up day after day lighter, healthier and happier.

The food you’re about to see can do the same for you. The best part is, when combined with a healthy diet, it can work even faster.

Here it is:

This All-Natural Superfood is Proven to Burn Fat and Push the Gas Pedal of Your Metabolism to the Floor


The Ancient Weight Loss Remedy Celebrated by Cultures Around the World

When I say around the world, I mean it.

The Bible, the Quran and Traditional Chinese Medicine ALL Recommend This Natural Healing Remedy.

458 published studies confirm it as one of the most effective all-in-one health foods in existence.

It’s been used successfully for over 3,300 years.

Cleopatra used it as a beauty treatment. Queen Nefertiti applied it to her hair and nails to add shine and strength. Hippocrates (the ‘Father of Modern Medicine’) prescribed it for digestion and weight problems.

A Teaspoon of Black Cumin Oil Per Day Can Help You Lose Body Fat!

It didn’t take long for people to realize that it could be used for weight control. In recent years, researchers have learned more about the relationship between black cumin and fat burning.

Taking Black Cumin Oil Before Every Meal Will Increase Your Fat Loss by 4X!

In 2015, black cumin was found to quadruple women’s fat loss in a double blind study.

“We are talking about a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, clinical trial, with 50 obese women. The participants were randomly divided into an NS oil group (n=25) and a placebo group (n=25). All subjects received the same standardized diet.”[1]

Half of the women were given a total of 3 grams of Nigella Sativa oil every day (Nigella Sativa is the scientific name for black cumin).

The oil was split up into 1 gram capsules and the women took a capsule 30 minutes before every large meal.

The women in the placebo group did the same but they were secretly receiving capsules filled with sunflower oil.

Within 8 weeks, the women taking black cumin oil before every meal lost 4X more fat than the women in the placebo group.[2]

The science doesn’t stop there…

A similar study was performed on men between the ages of 30 and 45. Again, the men were split up into two groups…

The treatment group: men receiving black cumin every day.

The control group: men receiving a placebo (something that they were told was black cumin but was actually something that would have no effect on their bodies).

The Men Who Were Taking Black Cumin Experienced Immediate Weight Loss Benefits!

The study found that “in the treatment group, complaints related to central obesity disappear in first week, very significant reduction of body weight, waist circumference, and systolic blood pressure…”.[3]

These men (who were receiving black cumin daily) lost a significant amount of fat and inches around their waist.

Bottom Line: whether you’re a man, a woman or a mouse, this superfood has been shown in several studies to help you shed unhealthy body fat faster than normal.

This isn’t a surprise. It’s not anything new either, black cumin has been helping people burn fat for centuries, it’s just now that we finally understand how it works…

So How Does Black Cumin Work Anyway?

Black cumin seeds contain high levels of phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant fats that resemble animal fat cholesterol. When ingested, phytosterols limit how much cholesterol is absorbed by the body.

Black cumin has also been found to support healthy blood sugar balance. It does this by increasing how sensitive cells are to both insulin and glucose, thus ensuring that your body responds well to them. Anyone who is diabetic is aware that low insulin levels create cravings for carbs and sweets and high insulin levels can cause nausea, extreme thirst and fatigue.

In addition to phytosterols, black cumin also contains extremely high quantities of oleic acid. This fatty acid is why olive oil is often recommended for people trying to lose weight, but get this…

black cumin oil contains 2500% more oleic acid than extra virgin olive oil (20.8 g per 100g of oil, compared to 0.8g/100g)!

This fatty acid makes your body more efficient at using fat as fuel, which means you burn more fat, faster. It also accelerates fat burning within muscle cells for even more weight loss benefit.

Black cumin is especially effective because it combines phytosterols with CLA in one natural food source. Studies have shown that combining these things is effective for lowering body weight, even in extreme cases.

Simply by consuming black cumin regularly, you can keep your blood sugar balanced, control your cravings and watch excess weight fall off.

For Black Cumin to Work, You Have to Take It Every Day. One Missed Day Can Completely Plateau Your Weight Loss.

I can’t express enough how important this is. Most people LOVE the life-changing results they get from Perfect Press™ Black Cumin Oil but the few who don’t are almost always skipping days or forgetting to re-order.  Order today and remember to re-order in time so you don’t miss a day!

The Best Way to Consume Black Cumin for Weight Loss?

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Probably the simplest and most concentrated way to take black cumin seed is in oil form. You can add the oil to a glass of water, sweeten it with honey, blend it into your salad dressing or add it to stir-fry meals after cooking. You can also drink it straight.

Each drop of black cumin oil is packed with health-promoting nutrients.

An important medical journal published a study systematically reviewing the literature for plants that have weight loss benefits and discovered that black seed oil was one of the most effective natural fat-burning remedies on the planet.[4]

It’s a very impressive appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Clinical tests show that it helps abolish symptoms like forgetfulness, high appetite, sleeplessness and even laziness in overweight men. Those are all connected to metabolism.

Black cumin seed oil has many benefits for the human body and weight loss is among the more recently discovered ones. Consuming the oil instead of a powder or pill will provide you with a potency that you can’t get in any other form.

Every Drop of Oil is Like Swallowing Hundreds of Black Cumin Seeds.

It’s packed with nutrients and easy to ingest every day.

There are a lot of black cumin seed oils on the market, but very few of them meet the level of quality that you want. When choosing your black cumin oil, make sure that you get one that is extracted from Nigella Sativa (pure black cumin seeds) that are GMO-free and organic.

Most importantly, stay away from brands that extract their oils using heat. This damages the nutrients in the seed.

You only want seed oils that have been cold-pressed, meaning no heat was used to extract the oil. Look out though. Even cold pressing involves friction that can damage the delicate nutrients.

Luckily my team and I solved this problem a long time ago with a technology called Perfect Press™.

I’ve spent the last few years investing in this technology to produce the very best Black Cumin Oil in the world:

I Call it “Perfect Press™ Black Cumin Oil”…

It’s 100% pure black cumin seed oil, pressed from certified organic, non-GMO seeds using Perfect Press Technology™ and stored in a UV-protective Miron bottle to ensure zero rancidity.

Suppress your appetite 

Make your body burn even more fat all on its own 

It’s basically a 2-in-1 and it’s so potent that just 1–3 teaspoons of this oil daily is all you need.


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Are you as Healthy as you Think you are?

Are you as Healthy as you Think you are?


We often find ourselves deep in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and before we know it we’ve forgotten about taking care of our health. One of the questions I ask myself a lot is “am I really doing as well as I think I am?” According to what I’ve read and how I feel I’m not doing too bad; however, Wonder Woman has definitely got the boot on me and I could certainly do with a change of spark plugs from time to time.

When it comes to our wellbeing, how we feel is not the prophecy to good health. Many underlying conditions and chronic illnesses like heart disease, some forms of cancers, and autoimmune diseases created when your own immune system attacks your body (like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease), can go un-noticed for years.

So, if you’re anything like me and find the odd check list interesting, the following EarthSource health check may curb your curiosity and help you to measure just how healthy you are.

Our 7-Point Heath Check for Optimal Health

  1. Personality Traits

According to some interesting research [1] that we uncovered, personality traits can have a lot to do with people who experience a long and happy life. Do you possess the following traits? 

  • Conscientiousness: diligence, care, thoughtfulness, reliability, precision
  • Openness: honesty, sincerity
  • Emotional stability: no dramatic ups and downs
  • Friendliness: sociability, kindness, approachability, openness
  • Emotional expression: empathy, smiling, crying, laughing, facial expressions
  • Energy and stamina: vitality, endurance, vigour, staying power

According to our research, these traits suggest you will live a longer and happier life than people without them.  Yoga anyone?

  1. Methylation

Methylation is the evolving of life which starts the moment we are formed as embryos. From around 20 years of age, external stressors start to impact our body’s development and initiate the de-methylation process; the breakdown of life. Genetics and lifestyle choices, including diet, impact the speed of this process. Signs can include energy loss, organ malfunctioning, muscular breakdown, cognitive decline, and poor cellular activity. Support of methylation is important for optimal health. Did we mention that Oceans Alive™ Raw Marine Phytoplankton has proven benefits that boost methylation?

  1. Get the Cranks on Between Meals?

If you are feeling a little shaky or irritable between meals, your blood sugar levels may be un-stable and it could be time to get that checked out by a medical professional.  If it turns out that’s fine, maybe it’s time to take a holiday.

  1. Do you Have a Health Food Love Affair?

Eating well should be an enjoyable responsibility, not a liability. If you’ve learnt to embrace this and you look forward to a bowl of green leafy vegetables, then chances are you are you already have plenty of nutritional recipes and tasty health foods packed into your pantry. Nourishing your body from the inside is vital for optimal health. With the spotlight firmly locked on gut health at the moment, and half of all Australians expected to complain of digestive problems in the next 12 months [2] it is clear a healthy diet really is a necessity rather than a choice. Our coriander cold pressed oil includes nutrients that support and cleanse your gut and fights fungus both inside and out.

  1. Sex Drive

If your libido is lacking real motivation, it could be down to your heath, not just the fact you are getting older, or running two jobs and are as weary as a tyre that has travelled 5,000km in a day. When your system is busy fighting just to get through each day, there is little left to drive energy and libido. 

  1. Clear Skin and Healthy Hair

A fresh face complexion and healthy shiny hair is a good sign that your body is feeling vibrant. As your body’s largest organ, you will often exude toxins and waste materials via the skin. Breakouts, eczema and rashes, are all tell-tale signs that something is not working at its premium and again could be related to your gut health.

  1. No Brain Fog and You Manage a Good Night’s Sleep

As your body recuperates from the day’s activities while you sleep, eight to ten hours of good-quality sleep is necessary for optimal health. This will help to maintain a clear, healthy mind too. Brain fog, haziness, and removed mental wit, is often a sign that you need to take care of your brain cells. Consider how you can improve your sleep quality and re-engage your mental clarity. 

Many of our customers say that Marine Phytoplankton has vastly improved their ‘brain fog’ and assisted with their brain function and clarity.  How? Because this marine superfood contains the full spectrum of nutrients that your body needs, and can fill in many of the gaps in your nutritional profile and restore optimal health. Check these out more in depth on our benefits pages or shop now.


Shop now for black cumin oil and more health supplements!



  1. Okinawa Centenarian Study
  2. A Healthy Gut “Key” to preventing disease
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