MotherDirts mission is to develop products that restore and nurture the skin biome. To do this, they had to develop strict criteria and processes for ingredient selection, formulation, packaging, and manufacturing.

They use Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) as the core measurement for testing biome-friendliness. Here's what that means: AOB are one of the most sensitive microorganisms on our skin. Because of this, they believe by formulating a product that's friendly to AOB means that it will also be friendly to the other delicate microorganisms of the biome as well.

They've developed a patent-pending assay that they use to screen all their ingredients and the final formula to ensure that it's A-OK for AOBs.

MotherDirt develop products that nurture and feed a living ecosystem, without ingredients meant to inhibit or kill. This is why their products all come with an expiration date that's counted in weeks, not years.

They had to recreate parts of this process. They manufacture and package our products with strict criteria to ensure that they are 100% pure when they arrive at your door.

Their packaging is selected for maximal protection of the product inside, requiring us to use pharmaceutical grade packaging for products like the AO+ Restorative Mist. We include expiration information on each product so that you know when to discard them.