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Perfect Press Coriander Oil

Benefits of Perfect Press Coriander Oil

Perfect Press™ Coriander Oil has many benefits. It supports your liver’s detoxifying function, reduces oxidative stress with powerful antioxidants, encourages healthy blood sugar balance, promotes clear, healthy skin, regulates menstruation, fights fungus both inside and out, and eases stress. But the biggest benefit is digestive. Perfect Press™ Coriander Oil does wonders for your gut health. It has natural bacteria-balancing properties that support a healthy digestive system and relieve minor gut problems like belly bloating, acid reflux and gut rot.

When you take Perfect Press™ Coriander Oil regularly you get relief from embarrassing and uncomfortable stomach issues that can be easily tamed and your digestion just functions more efficiently when you feed it coriander. Once your digestion is working optimally, your brain, skin and energy will all improve. Perfect Press Coriander Oil addresses the secret problem lurking behind nearly all of your health issues — gut health. This oil was one of the first products that helped our founder Ian Clark unlock his digestive health.

Why is your coriander oil so special?

Perfect Press Coriander Oil is the only RAW coriander seed oil available in the world. Perfectly Pressed™ from thousands of organic coriander seeds, each drop of oil is extracted without the use of heat or friction, meaning that there is absolutely no damage to its nutritional properties.

There are a few other companies out there making coriander oil, but they all use heat or steam extraction.

How much should I take?

Each bottle comes with a dropper attached to the lid. Take one full drop, under the tongue or mixed into a drink/smoothie each day. If taken in this way, one bottle will last roughly 30 days.

Remember, this is a powerful oil and everyone is different. We always recommend trying a small amount at first to see how your body reacts.

What does it taste like?

Coriander oil is from the seed of the cilantro plant, but the taste is quite different from the leaves. It is a strong flavor though. Most people absolutely LOVE the taste, though some find it soapy.

If you love the taste, take a drop straight under your tongue. If you aren’t a fan, add it to some food or water.

You can also put coriander on your skin. It’s great for blemishes and other skin issues (always spot test first to see how your skin reacts).

Can I cook with it?

We don’t recommend cooking with coriander oil as it is a raw seed oil and the heat may damage some of its nutritional components. That being said, it’s a free country!

What thousands of people do is add coriander oil to food after it’s been cooked. You can also add it to a smoothie, some juice or a salad – anything not too hot! For more recipe ideas that include coriander and other seed oils, check out The Activation Kitchen.


100% coriander seed oil. Pressed from certified organic, non-GMO seeds using Perfect Press Technology™.

Suggested Use:

Use Carefully. Start with 3 to 5 drops under the tongue; gradually increase up to 3 droppers per day.

Shelf-life/Storage Instructions:

Keep oil tightly capped and store at regular room temperature out of direct sunlight. When stored properly, oil will remain fresh for 36 months.

No need to refrigerate.

Bottle of PANASEEDA Coriander Oil by Activation Products
*Results many vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.