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The Activation Products Story

Activation Products

All of the products we choose to distribute are made by Activation Products in Canada. We just love the story behind the company and their dedication to sourcing and providing the very best and most beneficial natural health products available.

Activation Products was started by Ian Clarke 9 years ago when his health was in crisis and still declining. Doctors predicted he had maybe 10 years left to live and that the best that he could do was take medications to manage the pain.

"In that moment I decided to take my life back. In that moment I decided that if I was broken, it was time to rebuild. I looked (my son) in the eye, got up from my bed, handed him the family camera and told him to take a photo of me…"
- Ian Clark Founder

Luckily for Ian, and for thousands of people now using Activation Products, he refused to accept this fate. Ian tells his full story on their website. For this and more visit www.activationproducts.com

Image of an overweight and unhealthy looking Ian Clarke Founder of Activation Products before he became healthy       Before & After     Image of Ian Clarke founder of Activation Products looking healthy and well after he became healthy


Activation Products YouTube Channel

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