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Perfect Press® ULTIMATE Oils Bundle - Save $50

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Perfect Press™ ULTIMATE Oils Bundle - Save $50-EarthSource
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For the ultimate health boost, enjoy all 7 Perfect Press™ oils with $50 off the RRP price!

- Perfect Press® 5 Seed Blend

(Sunflower, Sesame, Pumpkin, Flax and Coriander Seed oils)

Power & Harmony: Digestive support, brain, heart and skin health, bone strength. 

- Perfect Press® Coriander Oil

Cleanse & Support: Gut health, antioxidants and fights fungus.

- Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil

Strengthen & Protect: Anti inflammatory, cellular health, respiratory health, metabolism. 

Perfect Press® Milk Thistle

Defend & Rebuild: Restore liver health and promote glowing, smooth, beautiful skin. 

Perfect Press® Amaranth

Nourish & Refresh: Cardiovascular health, youthful & radiant skin, circulation, increased energy, oxygen to cells, support weight loss, liver function, joint mobility and white cell function.

Perfect Press® Flax Seed

Balance & Repair: Full of Omega 3, heart health, aids healthy blood sugar levels, supports weight loss, boosts brain function, anti-inflammatory and supports immune system.

Perfect Press® Styrian Pumpkin 

Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend contains ALL of the benefits of five of nature’s most nutritious seed oils. Its list of benefits is lengthy — everything from helping your body deal with inflammation to encouraging a healthy sex drive to boosting bone strength and density. Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend is also filled with healthy fats that provide digestive support, strengthen your immune system, feed your brain and nourish your heart. Many people report a boost in mental clarity and overall happiness after taking this oil consistently for a few weeks as well.*

Many customers use Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend topically as well for healthier, more youthful-looking skin. It’s an all-in-one oil that supports nearly every single function in your body. It picks up where your regular diet leaves off.*

What seeds are in Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend?
Every bottle of Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend is Perfectly Pressed® from five powerful types of seeds:

  1. Flax
  2. Coriander
  3. Sunflower
  4. Black sesame
  5. Pumpkin

These seed oils are carefully blended to perfection and bottled fresh. The seeds that make up each bottle of Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend are the best in the world. When their oil is extracted, absolutely no nutritional value is lost thanks to the Perfect Press® technology.

Perfect Press® Coriander Oil has many benefits. It supports your liver’s detoxifying function, reduces oxidative stress with powerful antioxidants, encourages healthy blood sugar balance, promotes clear, healthy skin, regulates menstruation, fights fungus both inside and out, and eases stress. But the biggest benefit is digestive. Coriander Oil does wonders for your gut health. It has natural bacteria-balancing properties that support a healthy digestive system and relieve minor gut problems like belly bloating, acid reflux and gut rot.*

When you take Perfect Press® Coriander Oil regularly you get relief from embarrassing and uncomfortable stomach issues that can be easily tamed and your digestion just functions more efficiently when you feed it coriander. Once your digestion is working optimally, your brain, skin and energy will all improve. Coriander Oil addresses the secret problem lurking behind nearly all of your health issues — gut health. This oil was one of the first products that helped our founder Ian Clark unlock his digestive health.*

Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil has been touted as the closest thing to a magic bullet the health community has ever seen. Black cumin has been used for thousands of years as a home remedy for everything from cellular health to skin care. It is perhaps one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet.*

Also known as Nigella sativa, black cumin seed is first and foremost nature’s moisturizer. It nourishes your skin and eliminates blemishes. Drinking it has a whole host of other benefits, too. Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil helps support a healthy inflammatory response, soothes headaches, improves respiratory health, eases joint and muscle pain, encourages healthy gut bacteria, boosts your metabolism and promotes healthy hair growth. It’s a truly incredible oil.*

Milk Thistle oil’s benefits are widely researched and well-documented. The oil is primarily known for its ability to help restore liver health and promote glowing, smooth, beautiful skin. When taken regularly it helps to strengthen liver cell membranes, making them less vulnerable to damage and repairing weak areas. *

It also helps to maintain a healthy inflammation response, reducing unnecessary or excess inflammation in your vital organs and elsewhere. Finally, it contains silymarin, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant, 10 times more effective at reducing oxidative stress than vitamin E.*

Amaranth oil has many benefits and uses. Not only does it increase your energy, promote smooth, youthful looking skin and support your circulatory system, it also delivers the perfect amount of oxygen straight to your cells. Perfect Press Amaranth Oil has a healthy oxygenating effect on your body that may be the missing link in extending your longevity.*

Regions where people typically live the longest have one thing in common — clean, fresh oxygen. Amaranth Oil lets you experience those same benefits without having to move to a longevity hotspot. Perfect Press Amaranth Oil also aids in weight control, promotes joint mobility and fluidity, supports liver function, supports your respiratory system, promotes a healthy inflammation response and boosts white blood cell function, speeding healing and preventing scarring.*

Flax oil is one of nature’s best sources of omega–3 fats and it supports your body in a multitude of ways. Just to mention a few, Perfect Press Flax Oil helps your heart, supports balanced blood sugar levels, promotes healthy weight maintenance, feeds your brain, encourages a healthy inflammation response and strengthens your immune system.*

*Results may vary.  These statements have not been approved by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Every bottle of Perfect Press oil contains thousands of organic seeds to make 100% pure oils. Pressed from certified organic, non-GMO seeds using Perfect Press Technology.  

The special pressing process ensures that there is no damage to the oil. The finished product is stored in UV-protective Miron glass bottles to maintain quality over time. Zero damage equals zero rancidity.


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